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Groovy Moovin' Choreography


Hello everyone!!!
Hiya, the names Jo :) Im 18 and from the U.K.
Nice to see ya's all.
Welcome to my site!
In here you'll find alot, from Dance Pic's to Dance choreography (famous aswell as my personal stuff!)
So just take a look around,
Happy Dancin!
:) xxx

Found out more about me (along with my photo) by clicking on 'About Me' !

Upcoming - Im excited to say that the next few months are jam packed with concerts!!! Im goint to see Blue, Stereophonics, Christina and Justin (2004)!!!Keep ya posted on how they went!
NEW DANCES - soon to be posted are Christina Aguilera - Fighter and Billy Crawford - Trackin

new news - Well since I last added Ive been to see Destinys Child in concert and they were slamminm lol!!! the costumes were funky and it was like a huge party!!!!
Ive also been to see Bryan Adams and Ronan Keating (sexy man) lol!!!
Let me know who u've been to see recently and I could post your review on my site!!
Happy browsing!!

old news - Last Month I went to see the Monkees in concert - over here in the UK!
What a great nite! It was sooooo kool!!!!!!!!
Unfortunitly there was only Micky n Davey - but the show did go on!
I was dancin and singin my head off - I know they are alot older now, but boy they rocked! lol!
I was just wondering if anyone else has seen then recently?? If so share wit us all, hee!
Speak soon y'all!

More dances are gonna be posted soon! Aswell as a sista site!

Email me!

What is there on this site?

I hear alot of you asking.
Well, at my site you can -
Click on PHOTO PAGE where i have a collection of personal and famous people!
Click on CONTACT PAGE to ask me questions or ask for choreography help!
Click on CUSTOM PAGE where you will find a whole load of Choreography (Famous and personal!)
Click on MY LINKS and see what sites I also suggest are worth a look!
Click on GUEST BOOK to give me your comments (good or bad)
Have fun and dont be afraid to e-mail me about anything.
Jo :)

P* I* N* K*
Look out her Single 'God is A DJ' from her upcoming album 'Try This' OUT NOVEMBER 11 2003


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Jo-Anne xxx